Try to Know How Keys2drive Session is Different From Traditional Driving Lessons


Whenever a teenager decides to learn to drive then he or she needs to find a suitable driving school nearby and enroll there. By spending plenty of time on driving, a person who is learnering to drive can immensely benefit. 

Most of the road safety experts recommend strongly that every new learner must get a minimum of 120 hours of experience in actual driving before they apply for their license. At the same time, these new learners also need to know how they should react while driving under many different kinds of situations. 

LTRENT is a well-known driving school that prepares new learners by offering both theoretical as well as practical driving lessons. Along with that AAA has started with a new initiative called keys2drive, where a free 1-hour lesson is provided to the new learner that he or she must attend along with his/her parents and supervisors offering driver’s training.

With this new learning approach, it will help parents/supervisors to get a more thorough as well as a meaningful learning experience, and that can encourage learning that is: 

  • Longer – offering more hours sitting behind the wheel, and also practicing correct repetition
  • Wider – experiencing a much greater variety of challenges under all conditions
  • Deeper – gaining a much greater understanding of psychological, emotional as well as mental challenges involved. This will make them understand about their true responsibility as a driver.

This new program of a free lesson will help new drivers to prepare themselves for the realities of having a valid license for driving and it can be achieved by:

  1. Equipping all the supervisors to have a practical approach for coaching that they can always use throughout the journey of learning-to-drive.
  2. Can help new drivers to prepare for obtaining a P-plate driving license and beyond. It will particularly focus on remaining free of any kind of harm during the initial 6 months when the risks are always at their peak. 
  3. This can encourage to have better awareness, sustainable and safe driving, will be a great foundation for the new drivers for lifelong and self-guided learning. 

This new free 1-hour driving lesson is provided to new drivers, which can bring the new driver and also the supervising driver (that can also be mum or dad) together under the common platform by a professional driving instructor who is accredited by keys2drive. 

This new program is funded by the government of Australia, which is a completely free lesson that introduces the Keys2drive approach for coaching, by offering plenty of examples of how a supervisor and also a new driver can easily use this approach while learning to drive. 

We can say that this Keys2drive approach is quite a revolutionary one to learn road safety and offers an opportunity during 1-hour session for the new learner driver, instructor, and also the supervisor to learn a new approach together. 

All the participants can get plenty of information and advice about how to practice and what to aim for. Remember this free lesson is not meant for replacing the usual driving lesson rather it complements them. 

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