Is it Time for Tree Removal?


tree removal is necessary for some situations. Although trees are air cleaners, provide shade under the scorching sun and add beauty to the environment, some circumstances make it necessary to do away with them. When is it time to conduct tree removal?

After a storm damage

Storms come with strong winds which cause damage to even the strongest structures. Trees are also affected during such adverse weather conditions. After storms, trees could fall on the roofs, cars, roads and any other property. To curb this damage, removal of weak trees becomes essential.

Unhealthy trees

Trees are living organisms just as we are thus can become unhealthy due to diseases or insect infestation. Signs of unhealthy trees are like dying branches and decaying of trunks. Such trees should be removed as they could fall unexpectedly and lead to fatal injuries.


There are different types of tree species and all have their own unique characteristics. Some trees encroach utility lines, structures and house foundations. In such cases, there is a need for tree removal.

Leaning trees

In as much as you are taking care of trees and conducting maintenance every now and then, trees may grow leaning towards your house. This causes potential hazards hence needs removal.

Troublesome species

Not all tree species have good qualities, be very troublesome that you may consider getting rid of it. This may apply when you have bought a home which has a tree that drops thorns, seeds, branches and leaves in the compound.

Interior decay

Seeking the services of an arborist will help you know that your tree has an interior decay. A tree with interior decay is like a time bomb since it could fall over at one point. Instead of waiting to face the consequences, you rather have it removed.

Disease and pest infestation

When trees are disease-stricken or infested by pests, they pose danger to other healthy trees. You would not want to lose all your trees, would you? I guess not, then get rid of them.

Main trunk cracks 

Once you notice deep cracks on the tree trunk just know the tree will be coming down any minute. These obvious signs do not require any further assessment. Tree removal should be the next obvious step and should be done fast.

Dead trees

Like all other living organisms, trees can die. To spot a dead tree you should be on the lookout for the following signs; discoloured leaves, large cracks, broken limbs, peeled barks and insect infestation. To remove such a tree is the best option.

Landscape renovations

A tree which is in the way when you need to do a renovation, like expanding the garage needs to be removed. Once you decide on the renovations, removing the tree will be done before any other work commences.

Branch falls

Some tree species may be too large and have the tendency to lose branches often. These branches could pose a danger to life and property. Experts cannot prevent these falls hence they will advise you to get a removal.

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