Everything about latest Galaxy S9 you must know


Samsung has been released its cool Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and no doubt it will get replaced once the new S Series Samsung Galaxy S9 hit the market. Samsung lovers are eagerly waiting for this upcoming champion and are expecting so much from it.

Although previous Galaxy S series – Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, has got the success by making its users astonished and cherished by its brilliant features – Super AMOLED large display, iris scanner, FHD Camera quality, still it has proved very much disappointed phone as its most of the features has been failed – fingerprint scanner, Bixby, large display. Galaxy S9 is coming next year with brilliant and optimized features, which will definitely resolve all the faults found in Galaxy S8, bearing the sweetest fruit.

Galaxy S9 Ultra High Definition camera pictures are amazing. The 13MP Dual lens front camera and 21MP back camera are fabs. Additionally, Dual colour Flesh will be present. The pictures will make you grin with its high detailing, lovely bright colours, contrast and great sharpness. Moreover, it will give you a smooth picture quality with amazing 40 new 3D frames and effects.

Next brilliant feature of Galaxy S9 is its marvellous CPU and GPU. The device S9 will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. The industrial market will mostly sell Snapdragon chipset. Another promising latest chipset is Exynos 9810 (will be mostly found in Korea and few Asian countries).

The brand new Exynos 9810 will come in two variants- Exynos 9810V and Exynos 9810M. According to the rumours, The latest processor-Exynos 9810 is constituted of two variants, one is 18 core Mali-G72 GPU and the other is 20 core Mali-G71 GPU. When comes to the FinFET technology, Samsung will work with 7nm FinFET technology for its upcoming champion Galaxy S9. Samsung is making a backbreaking effort for making a 6nm processor for its future series from now; we might see this in 2020.

The fast processor will make you enjoy with its powerful device and will enable the device to get used for long hours without getting much heat too soon. The device will run with a reigning speed.

The battery efficiency of Galaxy S9 is awesome. Non-removable Li-Po 5000mAh is outstanding. Device charging will last for about 2 and a half days after having an appreciable use. Another promising feature of the upcoming model is its fingerprint scanner and iris scanner. In Galaxy S8, users have faced many issues regarding the fingerprint reader’s position and iris scanner. For an untrained user, it is always a difficult task to unlock the device without letting the camera lens smudge-free as whenever we try to unlock the phone, as the position of camera and fingerprint sensor are near to each other in Galaxy S8, the user sometimes make the camera lens dirty with its finger’s impressions. It will become easy with Galaxy S9 with optimized sensors.

Another major problem faced by Galaxy S8 is its smart assistant Bixby. It is very well when it comes to texting, voice recognition but this is really disappointing for its visual recognition. Great news, Galaxy S9 will come with an Android Version 8.0, which will refine and improve all the above-mentioned shortcomings of Galaxy S8 with its superior features and latest technologies.

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