Don’t Forget These 4 Small Details When Staging a House


If you want buyers to be interested in your home, you need to create an atmosphere that’s inviting and cosy. The moment they walk in the door, you should be sure that the entire home is set up to create a pleasing atmosphere. Here are a few important details you should be sure to attend to before any potential buyers arrive.

A Deep Clean

Staging a home isn’t the time for a surface clean. Potential buyers will want to look at every nook and cranny, so you really need to give the home a thorough deep clean as part of the staging. Pay attention to often overlooked areas, like baseboards, ceiling fans, out-of-reach windows, and cupboard interiors.

If you’re great at cleaning and have excellent attention to detail, you could tackle this yourself. But a more cost- and time-efficient way to achieve the deep clean you need maybe hiring a professional cleaning service.

An Inviting Exterior

Now that the home looks great inside, it’s time to give the exterior a little TLC. Don’t forget that curb appeal is a major factor in many buying decisions, so it’s important to create an inviting and stylish look that attracts potential homebuyers. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Mow the lawn and plant flowers
  • Repaint or stain the porch
  • Power wash the driveway, walkways, and siding
  • Wash the front windows
  • Repaint the front door and shutters
  • Add a few cost-effective upgrades, like installing a new mailbox, house numbers, or exterior lighting fixtures

A Comfortable Atmosphere

One of the basics of staging a home is setting the heat or air conditioning to a comfortable level. But to go that extra step, make sure the air quality is ideal for using some useful HVAC add-ons. For example, an air purifier can be key for any potential buyers with allergies or asthma. Running the air purifier ensures that they won’t feel uncomfortable or unwell as they tour the home.

A whole-house dehumidifier allows guests to avoid a hot, sticky feeling that would make them less likely to get excited about the prospect of living there. And if there is a stale smell in the home, use an energy-recover ventilator rather than opening windows. This expels stale air from the home without letting in unfiltered outdoor air that could reduce the home’s indoor air quality.

A Lived-In Look

While you should try to remove excess clutter while staging a home, you don’t want the home to look empty. There should still be a warm, lived-in appearance that helps potential buyers envision themselves living there. Consider these suggestions for adding an inviting touch to the home’s interior:

  • Put out table settings in the dining room
  • Place a few vases of fresh flowers around the home
  • Hang simple artwork on the walls
  • Use blankets and throw pillows on furniture and beds
  • Arrange some books and other accessories on a shelf or mantle

Use these tips for staging a home to make it look absolutely irresistible to buyers.

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