5 Ways to Maintain Happy Human Resources


In the WFH world, a happy staff member is hard to come by. Here are the best ways to keep them optimistic even if they work remotely.

One thing we have all noticed a change in since the epidemic, is our ability to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Sure, we are all getting used to it now – but which of us didn’t have a few months’ adjustment period that rattled their well-being to the core? 

If you’re an employer who wants to keep your staff upbeat, then we want to help. A happy staff is a healthy workplace, remote or otherwise. Try these 5 top tips to keeping your employees optimistic even when they aren’t in the office…

The Top 5 Ways to Boost Staff Wellbeing

The Working from Home world has affected all of us, but we can at least look out for one another’s wellbeing.

1 – Train your Staff

Your teams may be absolutely on point when it comes to their job role… but that doesn’t mean that they know how to do their job while their five-year-old is screaming and their mother-in-law is in their ear. 

There are some award-worthy training programs out there that will help your employees get a good grasp on their new way of working. Check out Hays Learning for a worthy example of how to do staff training properly.

2 – Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

If your remote employees are your responsibility for 8 hours a day, you have a duty of care to them – whether they are in the office or not. Encouraging a digital-office-ethos of healthy eating, exercise, and regular breaks away from the screen, can all help you win the loyalty of struggling staff members. Mind, the mental health charity, have some good information on this.

3 – Schedule Video Calls

Check in with each of your satellite office employees at least once a week. The further they are from you, the more important this is. An employee that is forced to live and work in isolation for long periods of time quickly loses their corporate loyalty. Checking in keeps that thought far from their head. 

4 – Encourage Mindfulness

If we turn to the NHS to find out what they have to say about improving mental wellbeing in staff, one of their top points is to encourage mindfulness in your employees. This helps them to monitor their own mental health. As we all know, mental illness costs thousands upon thousands every year in terms of missed workdays. Teaching Mindfulness in the remote workplace could help mitigate some of this.

5 – Check Staff Posture

This is a little out there – but think about it. When they are in the office, you have accounted for their desks and chairs to ensure they meet health and safety standards. At home, they don’t have this luxury.

If you can help your employees with better home office equipment, you can secure their wellbeing against back pain and shoulder injuries. Make posture a priority and you will save yourself in sick days.

Go get ‘em!

If you can maintain home – work balance for your employees, your human resources will last longer, perform better, and might even stay loyal to the company that stays loyal to them.

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